Just What I Needed: Girls Night

A few nights ago my friend Vanessa and I went out for cocktails. Vanessa and I met my senior year in college and we grew very close, s...

A few nights ago my friend Vanessa and I went out for cocktails. Vanessa and I met my senior year in college and we grew very close, so close that I was a bridesmaid at her wedding.

Before I even met her I admired her. Her simplicity, her poise, her focus, her test paper, her height and her baby fro. Her scary natural effortless beauty an sheer sensibility. In comparison to my goofy, never serious scatter brain and ever changing weave. She was everything I was not. Everything I hoped to become...eventually.

Forward 3 years later Vanessa is still poise, still scary effortlessly beautiful if not more than before and still tall. I am still a goofy scatter brain. I guess some things never change.

What did change however is that we are now college graduates,grown women, living on our own. Vanessa is a married woman and I'm not lol. I now consider her a dear friend. Now I know that she finds me as awesome as I find her. She loves my curves as much as I love her tall model figure....get your minds out of the gutter, we are not lesbians. Now that I know her she's even more awesome to me because she is now a real person with real feelings and issues and no longer just a sum of physical characteristics and personal traits I wanted for myself.

We went to streets BK for dinner and cocktails.
Between bites of delicious steak tacos and lobster roll we chopped it up about being 28, growing into our true-selves, and the rigorous emotional and spiritual battles required to do so. We took turns spilling our tea about  jealousy, marriage, love, career, life-lessons and all that stuff.
"The painkiller" our drink of choice, sweetened our tongues as we decorated the venue with loud laughs and high fives. Now that I think about it, we should probably apologize to the people sitting near us. considering that we talked about everything from demanding satisfaction in the bedroom (that was mostly me), to what the hell were gonna do next with our bio degrees and we weren't whispering either. 

We were scraping the last morsel of food from our plates, at the bottom of our drinks, breathless from laughter, when Vanessa took a deep breath, exhaled and said, I needed this and I totally agreed.

Its so easy to lock yourself away when you aren't feeling like your best self, to think there's something wrong with you, for not feeling the way you use to or for not being super happy all the time like the people on social media. I find that it is imperative to be able to be your real and true selves around the people you call friends, to be honest and shameless without fear of being judged. To know that someone shares similar experience as you do. You are not alone.
I'm so happy I met up with my girl for cocktails food and a good chat. I honestly needed it. 

Cheers to my girl Vanessa. 

Oh and Chef Roble walked in so you know we had to get a photo.

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