Happy Monday.

Happy Monday Ya'll. The weekend is over and it's time to get moving. I hope your weekend was as great as mine. I stepped ...

Happy Monday Ya'll.
The weekend is over and it's time to get moving.

I hope your weekend was as great as mine. I stepped out of my comfort zone on Saturday and went a  FCUK x Stylewatch Magazine event. Sunday I read my daily devotion message was dead on. I put the message into practice for an all around blissful Sunday, even with the chilly random rainy weather and all.
How was your weekend?

Mondays can be such a stressful, hassle and all around moody mess. Whether you had too much fun over the weekend #hangover, or you're just not that excited to get back into the work week's routine.
Trust me, I've been there, I'm still there lol!
Hopefully one day (sooner than later) when my entrepreneurship pays off, my life will be one great long weekend lol. Until then I've come up with a few ideas on making Mondays fun.

Motivational Mondays- Pushing yourself to be your best self,  motivating yourself and others to achieve long term and short term goals. Whether its getting to work on time, getting a good work out before/after work. Taking sometime to work on your passions or take on fears.  Mondays are not just a start to the routine work week, but a great day to work on yourself, to work for yourself.

Magic Mondays- Letting your magical awesomeness over power your moody Monday blues. Release your inner unicorn. You are awesome, you rock let your light shine, be kind, loving and uplifting to yourself and those around you. So go ahead and sprinkle that fairy dust (please not literally unless of course you work at disney land or something)

Make up Mondays- So this one is fun, Make-up Mondays has two meanings, one you could finally "make up" for all the things you weren't able to complete last week, consider it an opportunity to finish up where you left off.
The second meaning is for my Glam girls out there, to uplift your Monday mood try that new lipstick you purchased and haven't had the courage to wear. You'll be so self conscious of your lips you'll barely have time to hate Mondays lol, just kidding. When you look good you feel good, so glam it up a bit.

Meditation Mondays- After a busy or not so busy weekend, meditation Mondays, is all about taking some time to get centered and grounded. Setting positive energy for the days ahead.

Magazine Mondays- Get out of the Monday funk by grabbing your favorite magazine and taking it on the go. You can read fun uplifting articles on the train or on your break. Giving your mind a break from the workload.

Maverick Mondays- This Monday you be the best you, unlike anyone else, you will carve your own path. You will be a Maverick, bold, brave and strong.

Choose one, or two or chose them all, whichever it takes to make your Monday a Fun-day (get it Fun-day- usually assigned to Sunday, but since were making Mondays awesome...) see it's working already.

At the end of the day Monday is just another day, yes the weekend is over but you do not have to play into those "I hate Monday" memes, Monday is the day to get up and make that schmunaay, otherwise how could you afford those weekend get-aways, that sexy Saturday night dress, those nice Sunday brunches and Why else would you think its ok for the club to go up on a Tuesday, without the hard work of a Monday. #Hello !

And Goodbye, its Monday and I've gotta get ready for work.
I would tell you to have a blessed day, but you're already having a blessed day.

So Stay Blessed,
Luv Ms. Bee

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